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Artin & Sarah's Wedding

  • Overview
  • Services Needed
  • Event Basics
    • Occasion: Wedding (Ceremony & Reception)
    • Location: Thousand Oaks, CA, United States
    • # of Guests: 130
    • Event Date: 10-07-2017
    • Start Time: 12:00 AM
    • End Time: 12:00 AM
  • Music, Entertainment, Speakers, & Comedians
    DJ, VJ
    • Question : Tell us a little more about the DJ or VJ service that you are looking for? Answer : Looking for a club-style house DJ with experience in weddings
    • Question : Your Disc Jockey (DJ) or Video Jockey (VJ) is an artist that can read crowds and mix amazing music. What type of DJ or VJ Entertainer are you looking for? Choose all the services that you need. Answer : Emcee (Non-Cheesy) Answer : Event Specialist (Weddings) Answer : Disc Jockey (DJ) Answer : DJ (Beat Mixer)
    • Question : Music moves the crowd. What types of Music would you love to have played at your event? Choose all that apply. Answer : House Music Answer : Mashups Answer : Dance Club Music Answer : Electronic Dance Music (EDM) Answer : Techno Answer : Top 40 Hits
  • Balloons, Florists, Plants, & Invitations
    Florist & Plants
    • Question : Let your florist know which colors make you happy, or if you have a certain color scheme that you are working with. Answer : White, Ivory, Rose, Rose Gold, Blush
    • Question : Do you need your Flowers or Plants delivered? Please let us know where you want them delivered. A professional will give you a quote for the whole package. Answer :
      Delivery Date, Time, City: 10/06/2017
      Location City: Afternoon
      What do you want the card to say?: Thousand Oaks
    • Question : Are you celebrating an Anniversary, a New Baby, or Love? Did you mess up or are you in the Doghouse? Chances are, there is a Florist that can fix your "situation", and create the perfect Flower arrangement for the occasion. Choose the occasion. Answer : Wedding
    • Question : From handcrafted Beautiful Bridal Bouquets to Prom Date Corsages and Hawaiian Lei's... Let your local floral artisans know what you're looking for. Choose all that apply and make sure you get a little something for Mama. It makes her smile! Answer : Floral Design Elements Answer : Flower Girl Basket Answer : Arrangements (Large) Answer : Centerpieces Answer : Flowers (Ceremony) Answer : Flowers (Reception) Answer : Bouquet Answer : Boutonniere Answer : Corsage
    • Question : Flowers represent the beauty and fragrance of life. Choose your favorite type of flowers that you want in your arrangements, and make your "floriculture" friends jealous. Answer : Roses Answer : Mixed Flowers Answer : Seasonal Flowers Answer : Lilies
  • Food, Drink, Ice Sculptures, & Venues
    Catering & Bars
    • Question : Is there anything else you would like to tell your Caterer or Bar Service about the food and drink experience your are looking for? Answer : We are providing the liquor and mixers. We need an experienced bartender.
    • Question : Amazing meals make an amazing event! What type of meal and service would you like? Choose all that apply. Answer : Staff (Bartenders)
    • Question : Where is your party taking place? Answer : Indoors