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John's Birthday

  • Overview
  • Services Needed
  • Event Basics
    • Occasion: Birthday Party
    • Location: Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, CA, United States
    • # of Guests: 100
    • Event Date: 06-23-2017
    • Start Time: 05:00 AM
    • End Time: 09:00 AM
Services Needed
  • Audiovisual, Decor & Staging, Sound, & Lighting
    • Question : Please give us a detailed description of your event here. Feel free to give us links to videos, stage looks, photos, agendas, etc. to help us paint a complete picture as to what you want to create. Post your AV Equipment list (RFP), in the upload box at the bottom of the EventGenius Worksheet. Answer : I need to show a video
    • Question : Are you simply looking to rent Audiovisual equipment, or need a Full Service AV Production Company to put it all together for you? Choose the one that suits your needs best. Answer : Full Service AV Production Company
    • Question : From HD Widescreen Projections, to Line Array Sound, colorful Lighting, and all the amazing Labor to pull it together for your General Session, Breakout Session, Company Meeting, Concert, or 50th Birthday Party... Tell us what Types of AV Services and Equipment you need for your event? Choose all that apply. Answer : AV Labor (Sound) Answer : Projection Answer : Video (Flat Panel TV's)